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The BendPak LS15RS rotary screw air compressor has become a popular source of compressed air for industrial applications. A major reason is the LS15RS's simple compression concept: air enters a sealed chamber where it is trapped between two contra-rotating asymmetrical screws. As these rotors intermesh, they reduce the volume of trapped air and deliver it compressed to the proper pressure level. Combined with continuous contact cooling, the LS15RS Bend-Pak rotary screw air compressor is able to operate with temperatures approximately half of those generated by a typical reciprocating piston compressor. The lower temperature enables the compressor to operate in a "fully loaded" continuous-duty cycle, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The ability to run for extended periods of time alone makes the rotary compressor ideal for demanding industrial applications.

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More Info on the BendPak Air Compressor LS15RS:

Atmospheric air is drawn through the inlet filter into the asymmetric profile screw set, where it is compressed. The rotary screws are driven by a 15-Hp electric motor and triple-belt drive. Specially developed PowerCool synthetic lubricant is injected into the screw set and serves as coolant, lubricant and sealant. Under normal conditions, the air reaches a temperature of approximately 80° C during compression. A dual-stage separator removes the cooling fluid from the compressed air. The fluid passes through the cooler, the micro-filter and back to the point of injection. A thermostatic valve regulates and optimizes the fluid temperature. The air emerges from the separator cartridge with a remaining fluid content of less than 2 mg/m3. It then passes through the minimum pressure check valve and finally through the after-cooler. In the after-cooler, the air is cooled to 5° - to 10° above ambient. Most of the moisture carried in the air condenses in the after-cooler and can be removed in the downstream centrifugal separator. In the final step, the air leaves the compressor at the outlet to be applied to your current project.

With no wearing parts, the LS15RS from BendPak offers superior reliability and reduced maintenance costs, resulting in trouble-free operation. No need to worry about piston rings, valves, rod-inserts, bushings and pistons. There are no valves, valve plates or valve strips to service. Extended intervals between maintenance checkups save time and money. Convenient panels allow easy access to all internal components. You can perform all of the regular maintenance required in your shop at your own leisure. Annual service contracts are available for customers who want the assurance that their LS15RS compressor is always operating at peak efficiency.

Energy costs are a significant portion of any compressed air system's total lifetime price tag. In fact, the amount of energy required to run a compressor for a single year can exceed the initial purchase price. But the BendPak LS15RS is so efficient, it would take a period of 10 years for the energy to total 70% of the overall cost.

The touch-pad control of the BendPak LS15RS is backed by an industrial PC with a real-time operating system. This computer automatically regulates and monitors the compressor for you. Easy-to-understand, color-coded LEDs indicate operating status. The 4-line, plain-text display with touch keys and guided menus offer you clear function choices. The touch-pad controller manages the system and its temperatures, so you can work without worrying about your investment. You can finally extract the absolute maximum performance and efficiency from every kilowatt you use.

This rotary-screw air compressor operates on one simple concept: doubling your CFM doesn't mean you have to suffer twice the noise. A specially engineered, double-shaft, asymmetrical profile screw set, combined with a virtually sound-proof, insulated enclosure and innovative cooling fan, provides for a nearly silent supply of air.

It's the little things that matter. PowerCool is a powerful synthetic coolant that's designed to help rotary screw air compressors reach maximum performance. The PowerCool unique formulation has a 2-year / 8,000-hour useful lifespan to save you money otherwise spent on disposal fees. Other lubricants can require changing up to 8 times as often as PowerCool. The carryover is up to 75% lower than mineral oils and PAOs, which means less fluid for makeup and reduced contamination. All this results in superior compressor performance, which in turn leads to lower costs from excellent cooling and superior efficiency.

BendPak Rotary Screw LS15RS Air Compressor Features:

  • Variable-speed drive controls with timed shutdown
  • Efficiency and reliability are designed into the asymmetric profile screw set with excellent inlet flow characteristics
  • Precision-aligned, high-quality roller bearings are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions and extend service life
  • Asymmetric rotary screw with oil injection
  • Hush-Quiet™ super-silenced insulated enclosure
  • Compact design
  • Fully open access doors for easy service
  • Phase protection
  • Automatic dual-control energy saver
  • Dual filtration
  • Spin-on oil filter
  • Spin-on oil separator
  • Heavy-duty inlet filter
  • Air-cooled after cooler
  • Triple-belt drive
  • Integrated electronic control panel
  • Outlet air pressure
  • Hour counter
  • Oil temperature
  • Pressure differential meter
  • Maintenance information
  • Custom operating parameters
  • Calendar
  • Start, stop and emergency stop buttons
  • Comprehensive safety system
  • Warning for all shutdown
  • Dirty air filter warning
  • Main motor overload shutdown
  • Periodic maintenance warnings
  • Energy shutdown
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Phase or sequence shutdown
  • Rotor lock protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Unbalance protection
  • Emergency stop button
  • High screw set discharge temperature pre-warning
  • High screw set discharge temperature shutdown
  • High discharge pressure shutdown
  • Temperature sensor fault shutdowng

BendPak LS15RS Compressor Specifications:

  • Horsepower: 15 Hp
  • Cubic feet per minute @ 150 psi: 52 CFM
  • Cubic feet per minute @ 120 psi: 58 CFM
  • Cubic feet per minute @ 90 psi: 65 CFM
  • Maximum pressure: 150 psi
  • Voltage: 208 V – 230 V
  • Phase: 3 Ph
  • Amps: 18 amp – 22 amp
  • Optional receiver: 120 gallons / vertical
  • Noise level: 63 dB @ 3 ft
  • Revolutions per minute: 3,500 rpm
  • Duty: continuous
  • Lubricant refrigerant: PowerCool polyglycol ester blend
  • Ambient temperature range: 33° F – 104° F / 0.56° C – 40° C

BendPak LS15RS Air Compressor Shipping Dimensions:

  • Width: 31" / 787 mm
  • Depth: 44" / 1,118 mm
  • Height: 43" / 1,092 mm


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